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Research on – why hair loss occurs at a young age?

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For ages, people have been using hair cleanser, mouthwash, and skin cleansers etc. Before 1960, natural products were used and many households made their own natural soap, mouth cleanser, hair wash, shampoo, conditioners etc. They had the knowledge on how to make these products and what are the benefits in it.

Clinical research done over more than 125 patients at Dr. A’s Hair Restoration Centre shows people are developing hairloss atleast a decade earlier compared to their parents and especially grandparents.

You may observe the same thing with respect to heart disease, cancer, hormone disorders, etc. occurring both at an early age as well as in an increasing percentage of total population. This is not a coincidence nor only due to the wrong lifestyle.

We know what is healthy to eat and drink. Similarly, we know how to detect pollution and avoid it.

But, most people do not know how to read the ingredients in soap, shampoos, toiletries etc. Do they contain harmful toxins that they may not be aware of?

Dr. A’s Clinic introduces the way to live natural with the benefits of modern science


We should not use any items of daily use which contains SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), and petroleum-based chemicals etc., as ingredients in our daily use toiletries.

These items could be toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, cleanser, conditioner etc.

Learn what experts have to say about these ingredients –                     

In fact, you may be shocked to know how much harm we are doing to our health and health of our children by using these ingredients is our daily use items.

The National Institute of Health publication “Household Products Directory” lists Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) as a chemical ingredient in more than 80 products.

According to clinical researcher Dr. Arvind Poswal, the inner lining of the mouth (mucosa) is much more delicate than the skin. It is more susceptible to absorb various harmful chemicals as studies shows. Barely two generations ago when natural toothpaste or toothpowder (hair wash, soap etc., too) were used the general stage of onset of hair loss and baldness occurred at a much later age than what we see in today’s young generation.

Probably, the best decades for a healthy long life was for those born in Who’s and SO’s. That was the time when antibiotics were introduced to control infections but at the same time, this generation had the benefit of continuing to use and have knowledge of how to make and use natural* non-toxic toiletries. In fact, they used to make their own soaps, hair mask, moisturizer and mouth cleanser (toothpaste, toothpowder, neem stick etc.)

So, to make a transition from toxic, chemically filled products to naturally made products the most important step is the toothpaste/powder.

Learn how to make toxic free toothpaste at home. Visit http://fusehair.com/natural -toothpaste/

The easiest transition is toothpaste followed by hair cleanser/shampoo, soap, hair oil, conditioner, hair mask etc. This initiative is to help the layman understand how everyday products can be harmful and how to replace them.

Dr. A’s Skin and Hair Detox – First step to Live Natural

  1. Learn to lead a toxin free natural healthy lifestyle -we know what is healthy to eat and drink. Similarly, we know how to detect pollution and avoid it. But, most people do not know how to read the ingredients in soap, shampoos, toiletries etc. It is important to get rid of toxins that may have entered our body partly due to our inability to identify them…in our daily use items.


  1. Remove all toiletries unless you know and understand what each ingredient is (including so-called inactive ingredients). By toiletries we mean -soap, shampoo, conditioner, serum, toothpaste, face wash etc.


  1. Replace them with natural SLS free, parabens free, vegetarian, vegan soap. This soap can be used safely for hair, face, hand and body wash.


  1. Make your own natural, toxin-free oil, soap, shampoo, serum, conditioner, toothpaste etc at home. Make in small batches as there are no artificial preservatives.


  1. Detox the scalp, using natural, toxin-free oil twice a week. Apply it on scalp roots till the hair ends. Leave it overnight if possible (or at least for 1 hour before taking head wash).


  1. For cleansing the hair after oiling, apply natural, toxin-free extracts prepared from Amla, Rita, Shikakai and Hibiscus etc and leave it for 2 to 4 minutes before rinsing off. Learn how to make convenient sachet pouches at this video link (https://vimeo.com/198795339) or preorder them with us). This hair cleanser will not foam a lot and will not give a squeaky clean feel. That squeaky clean is required for utensils, not the scalp.


  1. The scalp has its natural oils and microflora that are essential for its health. Removing them using SLS, SLES, parabens, leaves the scalp and hair roots vulnerable to harmful toxins.


  1. Apply a nourishing natural, toxin-free hair and scalp mask once a week at least. A good and easy recipe is a mix of hibiscus leaves and flower along with yogurt. This mask is helpful to prevent premature graying as well as for promoting long hair growth.


  1. Along with scalp and hair detoxification, the other way to detox the body is using Flax seeds in the diet. Flax seeds – Make a fine powder of flax seeds. Take 1 tablespoon with water twice a day. This will provide the much-needed fiber for the body and also help you lose unnecessary body fat.


  1. Learn to read what each ingredient in your toiletries stand for – whether it is beneficial or harmful and whether it is even required there. You may contact us for the free online as well as offline certificate course to make you literate in this respect.


  1. This is the basic detox regime.


One can create customized detox based on the skin and hair types and conditions etc., (e.g., oily scalp, dry frizzy scalp, inflamed scalp, dandruff, hair loss).

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