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Following are pics of an interesting case.

1.Closing of the temples- 2628 FUSE/fue grafts used in the front hairline and temple areas to create a dense pack hairline as well as to close the temple angles.

2.Donor exchange (DEM)- he, probably, is the first online documented case of >1000 body hair grafts used for putting into the scalp donor areas-1048 DEM grafts to be precise. The grafts were randomly distributed in the scalp donor areas.
The body hair used for DEM were from the thighs and the calves.

3.He had got a strip surgery done previously and the strip scar was also transplanted into. 255 scalp FUSE grafts were used for the purpose.

(A very few FUSE grafts were placed, on the patients wish, into the sideburn area).

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