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Free Online Consultation

For patients located outside of New Delhi, online consultations are available via email or webcam. Click here for book an online consultation form.

Via Email
Please email contact@fusehair.com with the following information. Our doctors will analyze your case and come up with a personalized solution.

Email Answers to These Questions

  1. Personal goals and requirements
  2. Current age
  3. Age you first noticed hairloss
  4. How rapidly has your hairloss progressed?
  5. Current speed of hairloss (slow, rapid or moderate)
  6. Are you currently or have you previously taken any medication to slow-down hairloss? If yes, what was the result?
  7. Have you had any previous hair restoration surgery? If yes, please mention the procedures performed, costs incurred, clinic that performed the surgery and the result.
  8. Any medical condition we should know about?
Email Digital Photos

  1. Front face starting from eyebrows upward. Full face is not required.
  2. Right and left sides (include eyebrows in photo)
  3. Top view
  4. Back view (especially if planning to treating the crown or vertex)
  5. Donor area with hair parted


  1. Please send clear digital photos without flash. Do not try to hide your hairloss.
  2. Include a measuring tape in photos to access size dimensions (in cm). The measuring tape should lay on the scalp and bend along the scalp coutours.
  3. A measuring tape is preferred over solid flat rulers due to the curvature of the scalp. Using a measuring tape will provide the most accurate graft estimate.

Email clear pictures of your hair loss to contact@fusehair.com before the consultation.

*When replying to emails, please include all previous conversations. Do not compose a blank email when asking a new question. This keeps email conversations organized.

Via Webcam

Participate in a free, live consultation from the comfort of your home. Dr. A’s Clinic consults with patients all over the world via internet.



  1. Facebook via Facebook messenger (drasclinic)
  2. Skype (hair.consult),
  3. Google Hangout (fusehair1@gmail.com),
  4. Yahoo! Messenger (fusehair1@gmail.com)
  • (Add our user ID to your contact list)

Hardware: Good Internet connection, Web camera and microphone/speakers


Contact our office via email/phone to schedule a webcam consultation. Please note this time will be ISD (Indian standard time). Click here for time conversion.

At webcam location: Ensure the area has adequate lighting so we can clearly assess your hair situation and requirements.

Disclaimer: All online consultations (done via email, instant messenger or webcam) are a service provided by Dr. A’s Clinic. The information provided by our physicians is general information only and does not substitute an actual “in-person” consultation with a doctor that is necessary prior to any surgery. Participants in online consultations will not hold Dr. A’s Clinic or staff liable for any advice given during the consultation.

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