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Advance Deposit Information

For patients who want to reschedule/cancel an appointment…the $500 advance deposit is refundable only if the Clinic is notified more than 30 days before the procedure begins.

Reschedule/Cancellation with 30 Day Advance Notice

  • Reschedule: Patient may carryover their advance deposit to the new rescheduled procedure
  • Cancellation: Patients will receive a refund of their advance deposit

Reschedule/Cancellation without 30 Day Advance Notice

  • Reschedule: Patient must remit another $500 advance deposit
  • Cancellation: Patients will not receive a refund of their advance deposit

Please note: The advance deposit is used to reserve a calendar slot. The Clinic will temporarily hold a calendar slot for up to 10 working days after date confirmation. If the advance deposit is not received within 10 working days, then the Clinic reserves the right to release the calendar slot and schedule other patients during such dates.

Note: As per new government regulations, w.e.f. 1 April 2016, service tax of 15.00 % will be applied on all fee.

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