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As we all know that in this fast and furious world everybody wants to look attractive and perfect. A perfect hairstyle plays a cardinal role in the look/personality and confidence of a person. Whether it be in field of work or personal relations.

Hairloss affects people in the following ways:

  • Concern about looking older - Hairloss makes a person look aged beyond his years – no amount of wealth can compensate for loss of hair. An unmarried person aged 25 may look to be 40 years due to his baldness. Consequently, for many the advent of hair loss, (more than with any other physical aspect), dramatically signals the end of youth, vitality and desirability.
  • Inability to style the hair – Many hair loss sufferers are frustrated at the time and trouble necessary to camouflage thinning hair and the inability to style their hair as they would like.
  • Low self-esteem – Hairloss is a known cause of person losing self esteem to the extent that he neglects other aspects of his body (avoiding gym, social functions swimming etc.)
  • Social teasing and humiliation – When hair loss reaches a stage of visible condition it can make the person the object of teasing or humiliation. Studies show, that 60 percent of all bald men are teased at some point in their lives.
  • Feelings of depression and introversion – In extreme circumstances, some people really take hair loss badly and get highly distressed about it, up to the point of getting into depression.
    Some people make assumptions that they are losing control of their life.
  • Subconscious emotions of envy and jealousy – Those suffering from hair loss often experience feeling of jealousy of men with full, healthy heads of hair, because they desperately covet what non-bald people have.
  • Work-related problems – Hair loss may affect someone who is in front of the camera or who needs to be in public in a professional capacity.

However, modern medical options exist to get rid of the permanent bald look without having to wear a wig/hair system. Ultra refined hair transplant being the foremost among them.

Hair Transplant is the great way to get real growing hair back and look your true age.

Hair transplantation is an artistic, surgical redistribution of the permanent/ lifelong hair follicles taken from the donor dominant areas, viz., the back and sides of the head to the bald/balding areas of the scalp. These long life hair follicles/roots are transplanted into the bald/balding areas of the scalp. With current microsurgical technologies, this results in a very natural appearing hair regrowth in the bald scalp areas. Just enough hair follicles are taken from the back and sides of the scalp so as to leave behind sufficient hair in the donor areas.
These transplanted hair keep growing for the rest of person’s life. You can cut them or shave them. They will grow back on their own without need of any medicines or special aftercare.

View all pictures of Sunil’s result at http://fusehair.com/portfolio-posts/sub-gallery-sunil/

But be careful before you take the plunge. Do not make your decision in a hurry. Do thorough research, meet past patients, check the clinic’s track record etc.

To view how world’s #1 hair transplant centre (Dr. A’s Clinic) brought confidence and joy back into Sunil’s life. Click to view Sunil’s interview https://vimeo.com/148990749

For real patient results and more information, visit www.fusehair.com

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  • FUE Hair Transplant Results

    Nowadays, social teasing for baldness is reduced as every next person is suffering from hair loss problems. People feel that beauty is lost if you have lost your hair, which is not true. They way you flaunt our hair, you should flaunt your bald look. There are many bald people working as an Actor, Actress. It depends on what hair style you adopt for your baldness, your personality – the way you present yourself and your self-confidence, which is the real beauty of oneself. Baldness is not a disease, it is just a condition. there are many people in this world suffering from dangerous diseases so just accept the way you look and be happy the way you are. People also talk on the back of the most good-looking people, you don’t have to care about that.

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    Thank you for sharing useful information on hair transplantation. Like great well being and youth, the majority of us underestimate a thick head of hair – that is, until it is no more. We are offering a range of Hair treatment Services which are designed to improve the way you look and the way you feel about yourself and to increase your confidence.
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