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Hairline Information

The hairline is the most important area of a hair restoration procedure. In addition to density preferences, the location of the hairline is a key factor for patients to consider.

Low Hairline
Patients that desire a lower hairline should have low-moderate hairloss that has stabilized. In addition, there should be no family history of extensive hairloss. Finally, the patient must have a good supply of donor hair. If donor supply is limited, the patient should consider using body/facial hair to augment existing donor supplies.

High Hairline
A higher, more conservative hairline will save donor hair for other areas of the scalp. This is especially beneficial for people with more advanced hairloss. The V-shape hairline provides dense coverage over a smaller area.

For example: A person in his 30’s may have minimal hair loss (receding temples) and may wish to lower the hairline and fill in the temples. This person should know that his hairloss might progress as he ages, say, in his 40s, to a level that may require further hair restoration procedures. Therefore, young patients opting for hair restoration procedures must remember that their hairloss may progress, necessitating further and repeated hair transplant procedures.

The doctor must balance the desires for a low/dense hairline with the future needs of the patient. While a doctor can transplant hair roots in an appropriate manner to get the hairline desired by the patient, the patient should be educated about all future possibilities.

Hairline Integration with Hair Systems

Patients, sometimes, wish to augment their hair system by having a densely transplanted hairline in front of the system. This is a very serious decision. Patients desiring such an approach must have worn a hair system for a few years so they are aware of the life-long commitment with such a system.

Important Considerations in Hairline Design

The hairline should be feathered and irregular. It should never be in a single straight line.
Hairline placement should correlate with the patient’s age to look natural.
The anatomical features of male and female hairlines are very distinct. Knowledge of these subtelities is essential when planning a hairline reconstruction.
Higher Graft Requirements: A hairline is composed of mostly single hair grafts. This requires more grafts/sq cm in the hairline compared to other areas of the scalp. Please use our online graft estimator to access graft requirements.

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