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Hair does not always grow as 1 hair per place. Hair grows in form of groupings called hair follicular units. A follicular unit is a group of hair follicles as they grow in nature. These follicular units consist of 1 to as many as 4 hair per follicular unit.
In majority of instances, especially, in the scalp, hair grows in groups of 2 or 3 hair per place. The picture below is a random example illustrating the concept of follicular units. Notice how even though the hair follicles splay as they go down, on the skin surface they grow close together in form of a unit.

Hair follicle per follicular unit differs in
– different races
– different areas of the body
– different areas of the scalp

However, as a basic thumbrule, for scalp, 1 follicular unit graft is atleast equal to 2 hair on average.

Therefore, if someone tries to con you by telling prices per follicle, take care and look closely. Most reputed hair transplant doctors/clinics worldwide will always mention the fee per follicular unit graft (NOT per hair follicle).

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