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If you are losing hair, chances are you do not know whom to turn to. Hairfall/baldness is not something one discusses with all and sundry.

Experts at Dr A’s centre for hair restoration believe there is an urgent need to make knowledge of haircare and treatment freely accessible to public to stop unscrupulous elements making false/harmful claims.

“One needs reliable information on what therapies work and how” says Sachin, a user of the free Besthair app, “apart from the freebies, I love the Hot tip of the day section of the app”.

The free BESTHAIR app fulfills that need. Install on your smartphone and with a click get access to Physician Verified information on how to treat your hair, slow down hairfall or even regrow new hair.

BESTHAIR app is one place to carry out extensive research (in privacy of your home) on what works and what may be harmful to your hair health.

Get hot tip of the day, listen to others who reversed hairloss or even regrew hair.

Know the latest advances and research findings from prp, stem cell treatments, hair cloning, 3d printing of skin and more.

This free app can be downloaded from google play store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.hairiqiah&hl=en

iPhone users please follow the instruction on the link below:  http://fusehair.com/besthair/

  • This is also the easiest way to reach World’s Top Ranked #1 Hair Restoration Centre (as per USA based consumer site for hairloss treatments) with your queries and get free online consultation about your hair condition.
  • Do not waste time and resources on experiments. Install the BESTHAIR app on your smartphone and get free access to Physician Verified knowledge and treatments today.
  • So, before starting any hairloss treatment PLEASE contact World’s #1 Hair Restoration Centre, Dr. A’s Clinic for your FREE online consultation today.
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