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Facial Hair – to – Scalp Transplants (FUSE)

facial_hairFacial Hair – to – scalp transplants are ideal for patients with advanced hair loss.  When coupled with existing donor supplies, facial hair gives patients more graft placement options.   These options include aggressive hairlines, conservation of scalp hair and greater density.  Facial hair can substitute scalp hair, which is ideally suited for the frontal region.  In addition, thick facial hair mixed in with thiner scalp hair results in a very natural look.  For patients with large graft requirements, a facial hair transplant makes perfect sense.

Please note the following facts about facial hair.

  • Facial hair is very thick and robust. It is also resistant to hair loss.
  • Since facial hair is 2-3 times more bulky/coarse as compared to scalp hair, transplanting facial hairs close together enmasse is not recommended. Dr. A’s clinic recommends mixing facial hair with scalp and other body hair.
  • Facial hair is an excellent choice to conceal scarring from strip procedures.
  • Hairlines and temple areas should use finer scalp/body hair instead of facial hair.
  • Click here for visual comparison of hair types

The picture below shows beard hair (mixed with other hair), growing in the crown area 8 months after a transplant.


Case Study: Fueoptions

This patient underwent one of the world’s first facial hair transplant procedure in February 2006. He also decided to thin certain areas of his beard to give the entire bread area uniform density. 165 grafts were extracted from the upper chin, lower jawbone (both sides) and areas marked in yellow.


Below are pictures of the beard donor areas.  Healing times shown are from hours to days.  A 26 gauge needle (diameter 0.45mm) is juxtaposed for comparison.



Before he visited our clinic, Fueoptions had limited donor body hair and his donor scalp hair was extinguished. The pictures that follow are 20 days after his second, more extensive 500 beard graft procedure on October 26, 2006.



Eight months later in Oct 2006

The patient buzz cut his hair at #0 length. Please note: White dot scars shown in photos below are from previous extractions performed by other clinics years earlier.



 Numerous patients have opted for facial hair transplants of various sizes.  Dr. A’s clinic has received very positive feedback from these patients.  Facial hair transplants open up a new donor hair resource for individuals that have sufficient beard hair.

Patient GM underwent 2500 beard grafts for the crown area. He contacted us with his update at 8 months post HT. He is very happy with the growth of the transplanted beard hair in the crown swirl as well as the healing of the donor area and plans to utilize more beard hair in future sessions. Discuss GM’s results here

GM small_0

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