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One of the revolutionary milestones in hair transplants is the ability to use body hair for transplant on the bald scalp.
Dr. A’s clinic was one of the first clinic in the world to perform body hair to scalp transplants (BHT) and is widely recognised as one of the pioneer in megasession body hair to scalp transplant worldwide. Some documented cases are as follows

  1. Topshiny – 700 BHT – 30 Sep 05, + 5000 BHT – 5 to 9 Jul 2006, + 1000 BHT – 13 Jan 2007

  1. Newmane – 4350+ BHT grafts – in May 2005

  1. Scientist – 8000 BHT grafts – in 20054.
  2. TH1 – Total – 10,069 grafts, 1st session – 4683 grafts, 2nd session – 5386 grafts
  3. Magneto – 8000 + BH and 869 scalp Fuse grafts.
  4. Arjun – 5000 + grafts in one session (scalp + berad + body hair)

With body hair to scalp transplants, Dr. A’s Clinic opened new possibilities for patients with extreme hairloss as well as for those requiring corrective surgeries but having limited donor hair.
Many patients consider body hair unnecessary and try to remove it. A body hair transplant serves a dual purpose by moving unwanted body hairs to the scalp, where they are more productive. Dr. A’s clinic has transplanted armpit, pubic and leg hair from numerous patients without any side effects. Donor and receiver areas heal back to normal with no visible scarring.

Body hair varies in calibre, texture and color. We recommend mixing body hairs with scalp hair to achieve a uniform look and feel. Please follow the guidelines of BHTs.
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