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Hairloss Basics – People regardless of their age, gender or status can experience hairloss due to several factors. If you are one of those who are experiencing this problem, it is a must that you know the basics of hairloss to get an idea about how to proceed.

Knowing the basics can help you determine the status of your condition, can give an idea when to seek medical attention, can help you decide which hairloss treatment to use.


Anyone losing hair is prone to anxiety.

The first thing they want is to DO something for it. It’s not about whether the treatment is going to help you or not. It’s more about feeling that one is actively doing something for hairloss.

This is the wrong way to proceed.
Do not rush into any treatment.

Whether you are 20, 40 or 60 years of age, the first thing for you to do is to write down the following things.

1. What is your current age?

2. What is the extent of hairloss in male members on both sides of your family? (Does not matter what age they reached that level of hairloss.)

3. What is the current speed of your hairfall? (slow, moderate or rapid)

4. Have you taken some good clear pictures of the extent of your hairloss? Most people do not like taking pictures that show them in an unflattering light. However pictures are important both for your future doctors as well as for you to gauge your speed of hairloss. Take clear pictures , preferably with digital camera. Don’t use flash while taking pictures. Flash distorts the picture and it become difficult to evaluate the real situation.

Take pictures in indirect natural daylight.

Take pictures with the hair combed back to reveal the full extent of your hairloss. Front view and side view must include till atleast the eyebrows. Eyebrows act as a point of reference for the hairline .The top view must include the complete head (both ears included).

Back view and a view of the donor area of the scalp with the hair parted. These pictures are your baseline. Now repeat the same exercise at regular interval. 2 months interval will be fine.

As you have completed taking some pictures, repeat the entire exercise with your hair wet.


5. Have you consulted your family physician or an unbiased physician about the cause of hairloss? Do so. They will be able to rule out any major factor leading to hairfall.

Hairloss need not always be a DHT influenced male pattern hairloss.

 6. Does anyone in your family or friend circle suffer from hairloss? If yes, then talk to them about their experience .They have already travelled some of the path you plan to follow.

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