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Difference between strip/FUHTand FUSE/Fue

Difference between strip/FUHTand FUSE/Fue

This article compares the techniques used for hair transplant and healing process for each procedure.

1. strip/FUHT

In strip/FUHT, a strip of hair bearing scalp is extracted from the scalp donor area. The strip varies between 1cm to 1.5cm in width. The strip incision is then closed by dissolvable sutures or surgical staples. The hair above the suture covers it. The scar mark will be visible if you buzz cut or shave off your hair (it is normally not visible under a hairgrowth of 1 to 2 cms)



FUSE (Follicular Unit Separation Extraction) is a method of extracting individual hair follicles with microsurgical precision but without scalpel and stitches.It is less invasive, without any stitches and there is no visible scar even if the hair is buzz cut.

In FUSE/fue, the follicular units are extracted one by one in a random pattern. The donor sites are left to heal on their own. There is no need of any closure as the donor sites are very small.


The stitchless FUSE/fue technique enables the use of robust body and beard hair as additional donor hair in suitable patients.


Pros and Cons of both the techniques:-


Value for Money :-
Some patients prefer to go for the combination of strip/FUHT and FUSE/fue to maximize the number of grafts by keeping their hair restoration procedure more economical. In this, a strip is taken as usually from scalp donor area and FUSE grafts are taken from the scalp donor area above and below the strip as well as from other robust beard and body donor areas.

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