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Hair restoration/ transplants can be great but if only you make an informed decision. A wrongly performed hair transplant can not only be disfiguring, it  also leads to donor hair wastage.

Our doctors have compiled this series of educational articles for the benefit of people suffering hairloss and desirous to know its causes and treatments.
Dr. A’s hair restoration centre welcomes you in this journey.
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The first term you will come across is hair follicle
A hair follicle is a complete organ in itself composed of different types of tissues.
The hair we see on top of our skin is dead keratin. However, there is a complex multi tissue function below the skin that ensures that the dead keratin is not only extruded but it also comes out in shape of a hair.

The base of the hair root consists of the Dermal Papilla (DP), where cells rapidly multiply. DP is surrounded by 2 hair root sheaths. These sheaths form a tube going from the DP to the surface of the skin opening in form of a pore (infundibulum).
The cells formed during rapid multiplication at DP are pushed up through the sheaths in form of a tight cylinder. These cells are rich in keratin.

By the time these cells reach the skin pore; they are already dead and compressed together due to the pressure exerted by the rapidly multiplying cells below them. These dead cells or keratin are held together by disulfide bonds. These bonds are what ensure the shape and the curl of the hair.

A sebaceous gland is attached to the hair sheaths. The sebaceous gland, secretes sebum. Sebum acts as an oily lubricant that helps the keratin/hair to emerge smoothly from the skin pore without any friction.

The Dermal Papilla is surrounded by a fine network of  blood vessels that transport nutrients and oxygen needed by the rapidly multiplying cells.

A tiny muscle (the erector pili muscle) is also attached to each hair follicle. Exposure to cold or fear makes this muscle contract leading to raised hair/goosebumps.

Hair is one of the most metabolically active organs, growing at stupendous pace.
Thus, any drastic changes in nutrition are often seen to effect hair growth. However, this nutrition related hairfall is usually temporary and can be reversed by following a simple regimen of eating a balanced diet.

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